Hello and welcome to the Financially Consciou$ Blog! This Blog focuses on presenting content and hints for Executives in any position, area or sector to get financial literacy in order to plan and manage the wealth saved and earned as a result of your career. Wait! If you are asking yourself, “What if I am […]

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Working for Your Money?

Ok, you succeed in your career, but are you really working efficiently for your own money? If the answer to the question above is or similar to “Oh yeah, I earn a lot of (or sufficient) money and have saved big bucks, it is all in the bank to manage my money growth.”, you’re wrong! […]

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Setting your goals!

The first step to effectively manage your money is to plan it. Like you probably see in the company you work for or in your own business, budgeting involves the establishment of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals. As follows, some brief examples of goals in each of the financial time-bound: Short-term (0 to 4 years): to create […]

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Know your cash flow!

In other words, know how much money do you have monthly after paying all of your expenses and taxes, similar to your discretionary income. This means your gross income subtracted by taxes and by living expenses – such as shelter, food, and clothing, and also deducting the amount directed to pay debts. The cash flow will provide […]

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Evaluate your Investment Profile

As an investor, acknowledge your investment profile and what kinds of products are available and suitable for you. Firstly, by evaluating your investment profile, the outcome will provide you what kind of risk you are willing and can take when investing your savings. A Financial Advisor should conduct it when you start to invest and revise […]

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