Hello and welcome to the Financially Consciou$ Blog!

This Blog focuses on presenting content and hints for Executives in any position, area or sector to get financial literacy in order to plan and manage the wealth saved and earned as a result of your career.

Wait! If you are asking yourself, “What if I am not an Executive? This Blog is not for me?” I would say that will be worth a lot for you as well, especially if you are aiming to become a business professional! In this case, you will be ahead of many professionals who already are a C-level, Vice President, Manager, or Entrepreneur, who are not conscious about their own money.

Why should you read this Blog? According to Statics Canada, the average Canadian householder holds $1.71 of debt for each $1 of disposable income they earn. This ratio means that most Canadians have high leverage, making the country with the highest household debt to income ratio than any other according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD. This fact illustrates how financial literacy is still poor in Canada, including business literate individuals, once they became part of this statistic.

This is an invite to be financially educated, to reach a true wealthiness and avoid unreasonable debts like the average Canadian, even those earning good money!

Read the posts, collaborate with your opinion or comment, and suggest subjects to discuss.

Feel free to put your ideas in the “Leave a Reply” section following each post. It will be always welcomed!



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